This holiday season has sent parents in droves to find the ideal gifts for their sons and daughters. So, what is it that your children are dying to have? Here at kids toys for christmas we have listed the hero products that are selling like hot cakes ! One of the biggest sellers this year is anything to do with Stars Wars! With the release of the final prequel on DVD, children are prepared to fight the dark side with light sabers, action figures, and Darth Vadar voice changing masks. For boys and girls alike, this is a guaranteed pleaser. Find more information on PD Play .


This Anakin to Darth Vader action figure has a removable helmet and a light saber that changes colour when you remove the helmet and change Darth back to Anakin.  Helmet on: hello Darth. Helmet off: hello Anakin.  It also says stuff when you press a button on its arm. “Luke, I am your father.”  

This is one for the, “one big special gift” scenario and is another “revolutionary” concept.If your child is already into Furbies, then this one takes it a step further by creating an interactive world between the Furby and a mobile device.  “The FURBY BOOM creature takes kids on a digital adventure via their mobile device as they raise, care for and play games with their playmate.” 

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